Code of Conduct

For any club to function fairly and equitably it needs to operate by a set of rules, known as the Code of Conduct. These rules form the basis for what is acceptable and what is not acceptable of its members. It is this code that sets us apart from public bars and taverns. Many of these rules are practical considerations that have been adopted to maintain “the quality of life” for members within the club, some are generic rules adopted through our affiliation with the RNZRSA, while others (such as those that relate to the sale of liquor) are based on legal considerations.

Regrettably there are occasions when this code is broken and a member or members breach the rules. When this happens the Executive Committee has a duty to take action to preserve the Code of Conduct for the benefit of all members. To ensure that you, as a member play your part in maintaining our club as a special place.

Please read the following carefully, if you need any clarification please do not hesitate to contact the Chief Executive (Officer).


  1. The Executive Committee shall be the sole responsible authority for the interpretation of these Rules and Regulations and Bylaws made thereunder, and the decision which shall be given within seven days by the said Executive Committee upon any question of interpretation or upon any matter affecting the Association and not provided for by the Rules or by the Regulations and Bylaws made thereunder shall be final and binding on the members until set aside or varied by a General Meeting of the Association to be held within fourteen days of the date of such decision of the said Executive Committee.
  2. No member shall give any gratuity to any employee of the Association.
  3. No member shall, except for services rendered or goods supplied at the request of the Executive Committee, or in pursuance of a resolution of a General Meeting of any pretence or in any manner receive a profit, salary or emolument from the funds or transactions of the Association.
  4. Any member removing any articles which are the property of the Association from the premises without consent or wilfully breaking, tearing or injuring any property of the Association and refusing to replace or make good the same shall render him or herself liable to suspension.
  5. Any member being intoxicated so as to be a nuisance in the Association premises may immediately be refused service by the Duty Manager. Any such action must forthwith be reported in writing to the CEO giving the reasons therefore and a meeting of the Disciplining Committee, if considered necessary, shall be called with all reasonable speed.

Dress Standards:

A key tenet of any club’s rules relates to the standard of dress required by its membership. While the standard of dress will always be a subject matter it is the policy of the Executive Committee to ensure that the standards remain high. Should there be any debate on what constitutes an acceptable standard then the final arbiter will be the Duty Manager or Chief Executive Officer who’s decision will be final and binding on behalf of all parties.

Members are required to be neatly dressed after 7.00pm .

The wearing of work boots, overalls and singlets is NOT permissible at all times.