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Horse Racing punters club


The Napier RSA Punters group is prompted by the TAB facilities at the Napier RSA.


Each year we invite members to be part of the Punters Club which entails of a small weekly payment for the rostered weekly bet. We average around 40 members, which allows each member to place at least one bet for the group.


The roster is posted at the beginning of the year, and the weekly bets are placed on Saturday mornings. The winnings from the bets are banked to accumulate for the year, at the end of year event the winnings are divided up and paid to members via a betting voucher.


The Punters Club has been popular for both regular and novice punters, it is absolutely up to the punter how they decide to bet on their turn. Some weeks we have good wins and others no wins, but it is just about having fun.


At the end of the year we re-invite members to participate the following year and invite new members to be part of the group. We start around mid January and finish in December.


Please note that the Punters Club is only open to Napier RSA financial members over 18 years old. Members who have been excluded from TAB gambling are not prohibited to participate.

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