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Sports & Social

Members of the Napier RSA can enjoy many sports and recreational activities. These activities can be either social or competitive, the choices are entirely up to the individual member. Our sporting adjuncts compete at both a local and national level. Inter club tournaments are held throughout the year, giving new players the opportunity to experience competition play at a local level before branching out in to full competition games if they want to.


Club sports and social activities are about fun first, it is what sets us apart from other local drinking establishments. The bonds of friendship established in sport or social groups form lasting relationships that go well beyond mere membership and can be one of the most satisfying aspects of Club life.


If sports are not your thing, the Napier RSA, through it adjuncts, offer several other options for social interaction such as rock ‘n’ roll, line dancing, senior aerobics. A new ballroom dancing club has just begun on designated Sunday evenings.

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Sports Council

The Napier RSA Sports Council was established in 2002 and is a composite of each sitting adjunct chairperson or representative plus an Executive Committee person. Their role is governance and self monitoring of all sporting and social activities in the Club. This ensures the smooth running of events and tournaments both within the Club and externally. The Sports Council meets monthly on Saturdays to discuss both past and upcoming events and they play an important part of the clubs future planning to minimise clashes between the different groups and normal club activities. Clubs are about the gathering of people with common interests albeit sporting or other social activities. We are a family within our own groups and an extended yet close family as part of the Club.

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