Natter & Craft

- WHEN -

Second Wednesday of the month, 10am

The Napier RSA Natter and Craft is a recently new group and is exactly how it sounds. We welcome all types of crafting and do enjoy the interesting conversations that go with it.


We will be meeting monthly on the second Wednesday of the month from 10am to around 2pm.


Each session offers different types of activities encourage by members, occasionally we offer specialty workshops.


We welcome everyone who enjoys crafts to join in our gatherings and bring any projects that you would like to work on. As we work on our own personal projects we are a free event. When we have instructors or workshops donations are appreciated. We will advertise these instructor workshops in advance, but you can still bring your own projects to work on.


If you are interested in running a specialty event or know someone who would be interested please let us know.