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Alphabet Racing

- WHEN -

Draws on Thursdays
Race meetings Fridays

Alphabet racing is a FUN type of racing side game.


  • 26 people can play the game.

  • Entry is $10 per person; this makes the pot $260 to be won.

  • Each week a letter of the alphabet will be drawn against each player. The letter drawn will be used to score points for the weeks racing meeting.

  • Alphabet letter draw is made by Thursday 5pm and posted on the TAB wall. The race meeting will be decided by Friday 5pm and posted on the TAB wall.

  • Each horse that wins in that race meeting is used to give players points. The first letter of the winning horse is related to the player that drew that letter that week.

  • Each time your letter is the first letter of the winning horse for that meeting you earn 1 point.

  • Letters are drawn (new) each week on Thursday.

  • To win the syndicate it is the first player to score 10 points. If more than one player reaches 10 points (in the same week), then the player who has the most point’s wins or if even points then the prize money is divided among the winning players.

  • Entry is done at the clubroom bar, payment is required at entry.

  • New Alphabet racing list/s thereafter will be made after one is completed.


This is a great game if you like the odd punt on the horses, many of the members enjoy backing their chosen letter for the day. Open to all members not just punters.

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