At times of uncertainty, there are too often people willing to take advantage of these situations for their own personal gain, at the expense of others. Many of us are genuinely trusting of others, and this is a good thing, but we also need to be aware of the dangers that are out there.
In light of the above, please be aware of these Covid-19 scams. The HBT IT Team are seeing many more of these daily, with a real legitimate look and feel to some of them. Some emails have even got the World Heal Organization logo and look like they are official communication!
Here are a couple of quick pointers to help you and all, to make sure you are doing your best to avoid being a victim of these scams.
1. Would you normally get emails from this person or organization. If not, then likely its a scam.
2. If you would get emails for this sender, does it read like normal eg: correct spelling, personal greetings, friendliness, direct and to the point.
3. Always double check the actual email address, especially when the email has anything to do with money, company, or personal information. It is extremely easy to send an email from the name of the CEO or Ministry of Health, for example, but its a lot harder to have their actual email address.
4. If there is a link to a website they are asking you to go to, and you aren’t sure how to see if its the correct website. Open up a web page, and go to their main homepage, and see if you can find the information there. If you’re unsure, Never use the link or URL from within the email itself.
Shared from our IT suppliers Hawkes Bay Technologies