John Purcell

Presidents Report

Very soon Christmas bells will be ringing and I am never quite sure if we are winding down or winding up to Christmas. I do know that something changes in our household, things seem to take on a frantic and un-organized pace for some reason or another.

Extra shopping for special gifts for the big children and grand kids, the fridge is literally bulging at the seams with food and fancy tasty morsels.
Unfortunately the only deserted area in the house is my beer fridge, a lonely bottle of wine or two and a couple of bottles of low alcohol beer – let’s hope Santa doesn’t leave me off his list again this year.

There is no doubt that this year has had its interesting twists and turns, I could go so far as to say it has been an ‘Annus horribilis’, (that’s Latin for Horrible year) if you were taking our 10 day closure into account.

Much has been said and written concerning the Closure and I don’t want this single event to tarnish our thinking into 2016, the most important year in our history. There is lots of exciting things happening so let hope for an ‘Annus mirabilis (of course that’s Latin for a Wonderful year).

Planning and preparing for our 100 year celebrations have been one of those fantastic occasions that will live in my memory (and hopefully the members) for a life time. By default, the Napier RSA is the oldest trading RSA in New Zealand and we want you to;


The creation of the ‘RSA Legacy Trust and the selling of the RSA National Lottery is the beginning of our 2015/2016 activities and one of the feature projects for the year. Just under
a year later the centenary will culminate with an evening of Celebration which will be held in the Pettigrew Green Arena.

While I am not at liberty to divulge the ‘Evenings’ events, members can be assured it will be spectacular – literally a once in a life time occasion. Tickets will be over $100.00pp (final price not available as yet) and members are welcome to book and pay for them on an easy payment programme from the time they are ‘on sale’ through to 10 days prior to the final evening – trust me, this is one occasion you won’t want to miss out on.

I would like to finish off this month’s report with a small verse to express my appreciation to all of you for loyal support over the previous 12 months. Celebrate this Christmas with all your near and dear ones. Let them all know how much you love and care for them. Party with whistles, music and dance and we look forward to your safe return in the New Year.

Have a Merry Christmas.

J Purcell – QSM J.P.