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All of our Duty Managers have Harm Minimisation training and experience. Please see Sue at reception or our Duty Managers if you need assistance with any gaming issues. 

Responsible Gambling Policy

The Napier RSA remains committed to conducting responsible gambling for the community benefit. Responsible gaming is when adults can make an informed choice to participate in regulated and Licensed gaming opportunities, whilst having ready access to support, if their participation causes harm to themselves or others.


The Napier RSA and our venue operators must ensure that the gaming in their venues is conducted responsibly. We also believe the Government and communities also have a part to pay in ensuring that there is a common regulatory approach to all forms of gaming. The gambling public itself must accept responsibility for their own actions and ensure that no harm is caused to others through their activities.


The few people who cannot, for whatever reason, responsibly engage in gambling for entertainment must be protected from themselves. Individual Napier RSA venue operators will ensure the responsible management of our gaming machines in their venue, and will fulfil their obligations both under the law, and under the Napier RSA Responsible Gaming Code of practice.

Napier RSA
Responsible Gambling Code

As a responsible Napier RSA member venue operating gaming machines for community benefit, we undertake to:

1. Ensure that the gaming at this venue takes place in a safe and clean environment

2. Prominently display the Responsible Gaming Code and related Policy Statement on these premises.

3. Make information available to educate gaming machine users about how to recognise the symptoms of Problem Gambling in themselves and how and where to seek assistance with their problem.

4. Through the Napier RSA, provide training and education to our staff in respect to the identification of individuals who have been identified as being Problem Gamblers.

5. Work pro-actively with those who are providing counselling services to customers who have been identified as Problem Gamblers.

6. Comply with all Department of Internal Affairs conditions of License, and the Napier RSA membership conditions, relating to the safe operation of the gaming machines at this venue

7. Establish appropriate Complaint Procedures, including making contact details available for the Napier RSA.

8. Provide the free Gambling Helpline numbers:

0800 654 655 / FREE Txt 8806
Office (06) 835 7629
Club (06) 835 1034
Restaurant (06) 8351351
Fax (06) 835 1357

Self Exlusion Order

If you have concerns about the amount of money you are spending on gaming machines and wish to be Excluded from the gaming area of any of the Napier RSA venue/s, we have a legal process that enables our venue operation to ban you from playing our machines.


A Self-Exclusion Order is an agreement between and individual and the venue whereby, for a agreed period for up to two years, venue staff will prohibit the individual from entering the gaming area, and may instigate Trespass proceeding, if necessary. All Napier RSA Venue Managers can assist with the completion of a Self-Exclusion form.

Self-Exclusion Process

Visit the venue and ask the Manager to complete the form with you. Or, download the form from this website and complete all sections. Then take it to the venue, or post it to the venue to sign the bottom section.

Please note:

To effectively administer the Self Exclusion Order, the venue also requires a clear, current photo of the person seeking Self Exclusion.

If you have any queries about this process, please contact the Napier RSA Operations Manager Tracy Gempton on (06) 835 7629 Ext 715 or Cell 021 515 520

Complaints Procedure

Complaints about the Conduct of Class 4 Gambling

Grant Applications

Should you have a complaint about a Grant Application made to the Napier RSA, it should be in writing and addressed to:


Grants Committee

Napier RSA

PO Box 253

Napier 4140

The Trust will acknowledge receipt of you complaint by mail. Your complaint will be investigated by the Trust Office Holders within 14 days of receipt. The Trust will then write to you within 21 days of receipt, informing you of its decision.

Department of Internal Affairs

Anyone can make a complaint to the Secretary of Internal Affairs about how gaming machines are run in Gaming Venues. The Secretary must investigate this complaint. If the complainant is unhappy about the way the Secretary handled the complaint, the complainant can complain to the Gambling Commission. The Gambling Commission will consider this matter and will report to the Minister of Internal Affairs if necessary.


Postal Address

Secretary of the Department of Internal Affairs

PO Box 10-095

Wellington 6143

Or send your complaint by email to:

As gaming machines generate the funding distribution of the Napier RSA, we are obligated to be actively involved in preventing and minimising the effects of PROBLEM GAMBLING.

We do this in partnership with our venues, through in-house training for operators and their staff.

Grant Application

To receive a grant application form, please enter your details below and you will receive an email with a pdf form and details on how to submit.

Thanks. Please check your email for your application form.