Communication Plans

21 March 2020

Dear members, staff and visitors,


I send this message in an attempt to provide constant updates for you as we are making changes each day.  At the moment we are struggling to get our communication to all members and have only been able to update those who call in, ring us or receive the blog.  This week has shown that we need to move quickly so for many people don’t know the changes we have had to make.

For most of you, I am confident that you have access to the internet including accessing our website and or facebook page.  Alternatively if you don’t have direct access, then the option of being in strong communication with friends or family who do.

I am wanting to create a line of communication that you can access daily.  From our end it is the internet.  We have our phones operating perfect and this is an option, but not as practical as you accessing our online news feeds.  Going forward through this pandemic I am asking you to access our updates on our Facebook #rsanapier or on the news feed on our website  For those who don’t have that access, we recommend to please stay in contact with those who do.  The news is ever changing and what we have in action one day can change throughout the day or overnight.

This will allow us to continue posting updates and stimulus in one effort.  Postal isn’t a viable or a quick option.  Coming to the club is becoming more restricted.  Daily emails are becoming overwhelming and we don’t want to overload your inbox.  So I am asking you to use the internet if you have it.  If you know of people who don’t have it, to please communicate the information on to them.  This will not only allow you to know what is going on, but also encourage us all to keep in contact with those who don’t have the means to interact outside of our homes.  Lastly, by publishing on these mediums it is your choice to check and if not daily, you will have a path of what has been happening.

My thoughts today is on how to provide you all with updates or touch base with information for members, staff and visitors.  With this in mind a thought of all updates and maybe posting videos on how to or quizzes if no new changes.  To provide a scheduled time daily is also on the cards, this will be 11.30am and again 7.00pm.  However given the varying time that announcements are made we will add them immediately.

This letter is to inform you how we will update you, and that strong line of communication is needed.  I need you to know that we want to communicate as fast as we can, and this is our plan to do it going forward.

Dorothy Paki


Napier RSA