Somewhere in Napier or wider Hawke’s Bay might be some aspiring young doctor, nurse or social worker, maybe even a research scientist capable of discovering a cure for cancer or an inventor of creative medical solutions.

To commemorate their Centenary the Napier RSA together with the HBDHB and High School Principals have set up a Trust which seeks to target promising but otherwise disadvantaged youngsters from Year 12 upwards who despite their current situation might yet be able to pursue their career dreams.

The question…
What, of real value, of our time, can we (the current members of the Napier RSA) leave as our Legacy to those who come after us?
This question was posed when seeking to commemorate 100 years of service of the Napier RSA, to Napier, to Hawkes Bay and NZ.
And … invite not only members, but others in our community to contribute and be part of the Legacy too.

The answer:
Support the future through Youth fulfilling their potential in the sectors that offer BENEFITS to YOU AND YOUR FAMILY/WHANAU.

Realization of potential in young people is so often impeded due to family situations, or other difficult societal circumstances. The focus in the Health & Social sectors ‘provide benefits to you, your family in fact to everyone in every community’ –. The Centenary Legacy Trust is partnering the HBDHB’s Education & Development Programmes. This partnership broadens our reach to jointly offer powerful learning pathways for the realization of the untapped potential that we know to be present.

Want to know more, want to help? Please contact Ron Rowe at the Napier RSA 06 8343504