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We are OPEN @ Alert Level 2


Our team of Executive Committee and Staff will be following the following guidelines to ensure we are providing an environment that offers physical distancing, maximum number of members (100) at a time and easy to use contact tracing option.  Before opening at 10.00 am Thursday 21st May we all have attended a Health and Safety brief to ensure that we could provide a high level of hygiene specific to the risks of Covid-19, and how we can operate safely within the Alert Level 2.  This information is not constrained to our team, but will be required by members who enter the club.

Our list of important things that all of us must do:

  1. COVID-19 is still out there. Play it SAFE.
  2. Keep people with COVID-19 symptoms off the premises.
  3. Keep your distance from other people in public.
  4. Good hygiene for people and surfaces.
  5. If you’re sick stay home. Don’t socialise.
  6. If you have symptoms of a cold or flu call your doctor or Healthline (0800 358 5453)– GET TESTED
  7. Wash your hands. Wash your hands.  Wash your hands.
  8. Sneeze and cough into your elbow.
  9. If you have been told to self-isolate, you must do so immediately.
  10. Keep track of where you’ve been and who you’ve seen.

Symptoms to be cautious of, and if they are not normal, call your doctor straight away

  • A new or worsening cough
  • A high temperature (at least 38C)
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sore throat
  • Sneezing and runny nose
  • Temporary loss of smell

Changes we have implemented during Alert Level 2 and possibly longer

The 3 S’s

SEATED – You will be escorted to a table, please remain at your table unless you are using the bathroom, TAB terminal, moving to or from gaming lounge, smoke or vape outside or leaving.  You have to remain seated!

SEPARATED – We have set up the room to ensure sufficient space is available between tables.

SINGLE SERVER – We will be serving you from your table.  You can place your orders for meals and drinks from your server and pay from your table.  This will require payment at the time or for convenience we would suggest putting credit onto your membership card.  If you are staying for a few rounds we can run a tab for you, but do require a credit or EFTpos card to be held at the bar.  The server is your only contact with staff or others not in your space within the Club.

ONE ENTRANCE/EXIT – We will only be using the front door (Vautier Street) as our entry and exit.  However in the case of an emergency our other exits (Back door to carpark and fire exit by pool tables) will be available.

NO MORE THAN 10 – We will not extend tables for more than 10 in a group, please do not ask, the answer will be NO.  We will not accept a group that is over 10 over a range of tables.  Our team will ask any groups that try to do this, to leave immediately.

From Noon Friday 29 May groups can be more than 10.  However, our maximum capacity is only 100.

CONTACT TRACING – Everyone must register if you are inside the Napier RSA.  This includes Executive Committee, Contractors, Deliveries, Staff and Members.  We provide 2 options for members to register into the club.  Both options require each person to provide: Full Name, Home Address, Phone and or Email.  If you are comfortable to use the WebFox app as described on the other side of this page, or ask your server for a Tracing sheet, this is a manual system where you write your details on the sheet, which will be loaded onto the app and shred your written details.  The Webfox app is only used for the COVID-19 contact tracing, this information is only shared with the Ministry of Health if needed and will be deleted after the required time.  Contact Tracing Register is compulsory.  If you are unwilling to provide the necessary information, you will be denied entry into the Club.  Any abuse of staff or Executive Committee members will result in disciplinary action beginning with an automatic stand-down until a hearing is convened.

COMMUNAL AMENITIES – The water station is currently closed, water is freely available from staff.  The ability to access glasses, cutlery, salt and peppers, and serviettes will be provided by staff.  Also noted here is that our usually activities are currently on hold while in Level 2, this means no Adjuncts, Special Interest Groups or Meeting Groups during this time.  Also note that openly available activities have also stopped, such as Pool, Library, Snooker, Darts or Mah Jong.  These are currently being considered and will require an operational plan for each of these activities prior to being able to proceed.  Please contact the Adjunct or Group contact person for further details.

NO BUFFET SERVICES – These services have been stopped until further notice.  It is discouraged to share plates of food.

QUEUE MANAGEMENT – During our peak times we will have extra hands to help manage this and ensure we are maintain physical distancing.  Please be part of the solution and practice physical distancing.

THE SALE AND SUPPLY OF ALCOHOL ACT – We will continue to maintain our Host Responsibility Policy and ensure we adhering to the act at all times.

REDUCED MENU – Our meals menu has been reduced for a variety of reasons.  To ensure our team can work safely while preparing, cooking and delivering meals.  We do not have our full range of options to ensure we minimise wastage.

REDUCED CASH HANDLING – Our preferred option of payment is CONTACTLESS.  We have activated PayWave on our Eftpos terminals.  Also the option to put credit on to your account via internet payment is available.  We have reduced the amount of cash that can be withdrawn from our tills per day.  This will now be a maximum of $20 cash.  The ATM is available near the TAB area for other withdrawals.  If you choose to pay by cash, we can organise a snaplock bag for your cash to be held at the bar with your details, our team will let you know when you are low.

MAINTENANCE – Returning from lockdown our team have given the building a do-over.  Also while preparing to open we have had our machinery serviced to ensure it is working up to standard.  Notably, all of our sterilizing washers have been serviced and checked to make sure they are running at the high temperatures required.

GOOD HYGIENE PRACTICES FROM OUR TEAM – We will keep up our good hygiene, you may not see us do it as our work stations are not all visibly, we are frequently cleaning high touch areas, work stations and areas, keeping ourselves clean, proper hand washing and sanitising.  We will be proactive to provide clean rails, handles, menus, eftpos and other high touch areas.  To do this we have a schedule to clean these often.  We have reduced the number of staff that you will interact with and we have signage at our entrance and throughout the club.

GOOD HYGIENE FROM OUR MEMBERS – Members are required to adhere to the Dress Standard while in the club.  It is expected that members will be clean in appearance as stated in the Dress Standard.  We have provided many locations to use sanitiser.  Our bathrooms have foaming soap and sanitiser as well.

MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS – the 2020/2021 Membership renewal period has been extended due to the lock down.  The Executive Committee have extended this by 8 weeks.  Renewals are only processed at the front counter.  New photo cards are available, but can only be done while we are in a quiet period.  They are not compulsory and can be done at a later date.

OPENING HOURS – We have reduced our hours temporarily:

Open from 10.00 am

One Way Door from 7.30pm

Closing 8.00 pm

Please note these hours may change as needed.

ANZAC 2020

We wish to invite everyone to view our Hawkes Bay ANZAC Presentation 2020.  We will be streaming this online with a 10-minute delay from the live recording.

The Hawkes Bay ANZAC presentation via http://www.dunstalls.co.nz/anzac.php

This will be streamed from 6.25 am local time on Saturday 25 April 2020
All of our RSA’s (Napier, Hastings, and Taradale) will be putting this link on our websites and Facebook pages.

In an ideal world, we would have provided a traditional ANZAC service for all of our community to participate, however, we are in Alert Level 4 on ANZAC day.  In this current state of Alert level, we have joined our local RSA’s – Hastings, Taradale, and Napier to provide an ANZAC presentation with our combined Hawkes Bay community and RSA’s.
In our planning and organizing the presentation we did try to connect this presentation to more accessible platforms like radio or TV, unfortunately, this has not produced a successful result due to the late notice and formatting requirements.  So we are only able to provide this in full content ONLINE ONLY.  Please note that the presentation will not be as well-oiled as our respective ANZAC services and in all honesty, we admit that our technological ability and devices are not as good as the professionals.   What we would like to acknowledge is that we are compelled to provide our community with our ANZAC broadcast in these unfamiliar times.  Please be assured that we have created this plan from the safety of our bubbles and that we are providing this presentation from our homes and bubbles.  We have all taken this lockdown seriously and appreciate the effort that our country has made to create a safer future for us all.
Please feel welcome to share the information and link around.

We will have our presentation available online: http://www.dunstalls.co.nz/anzac.php
This will be streamed from 6.25 am on Saturday 25 April 2020

The presentation will include:
Presidents of the Hawkes Bay RSA’s
Clubs Hastings:                      David Holmes
Taradale RSA:                        Brayden Coldicutt
Napier RSA:                           John Purcell
Hastings:                                 Sandra Hazelhurst
Napier:                                    Kirsten Wise
Reverend Warren Fortune – who will deliver Prayer of Remembrance and Benediction
Bugler for Last Post and Reveille:                   Gareth Hayward
New Zealand National Anthem:                      Amaia Watson and family
Laying of wreaths representing the People of New Zealand and the People of Australia
Video recording and streaming:                      Dunstalls and family

Napier RSA Executive Meeting 23 March 2020

Napier RSA Executive Committee Extra Meeting.

Monday 23rd March 2020, 10.30 am Committee Room

Attendees:     J Purcell (President), B Strong (Vice President), D Fraser (Patron), N Thompson,

A Lawton, C Tawhara, C Strong, D Paki (CE)

Apologies:     B Russell, K Lynch

Agenda:         Covid-19

Tabled:           Covid-19 Alert Level Document

RNZRSA announced ANZAC services canceled to the public.  All RNZRSA Tournaments canceled through to July


  • “The Napier RSA and Norfolk Lounge Restaurant will be closed while COVID-19 is in Alert Level 2 and above” – unanimous

Discussion about the costs and staffing situation.

The Napier RSA Executive Committee will meet again next week to re-assess the situation and action government announcements if needed.

Full Committee Meeting will be held next Monday at 10.30 am

President thanked everyone for attending and for input on this matter.

Meeting closed

Sunday 22 March update

The emptiness of town and the over full car park at the supermarket, the extremes changes in only a week for new Zealand are creating great uncertainty.  This morning I meet with a home care helper, who was a lovely kind and high spirited person.  I asked the question of how was the feel among visits.  Not to my surprise the reply was that some are ignoring the “Stay Home” call.  The visits are to people in need of assistance due to age, illness and disability.  Also today speaking to another person and asked them to keep safe including their elderly parent, again the reply was that they are probably at the supermarket getting the cat food.  Yesterday while manning the front door the response that the “Stay Home” wasn’t for them because they are fit and healthy or others a venue who had members say “age doesn’t matter, we don’t have the virus among us and we haven’t been exposed to it.”

So when do people take notice to such a call?

Why do we wait until it is in our house?

As a Business, employer and employee I want to keep it all safe.  This means, keeping the business safe enough to weather this, to keep our staff safe and ensuring they have future work, and as an employee we want to know that we have a safe balance that would keep home safe too.

The restrictions in place are to reduce the spread and help manage the health system.  To those who were shocked at the registration system or commented that other places were doing that.  We did exactly as required by Ministry of Health and we did it because if there is a case and it involves anyone entering our premise, then we have the information for the Health system to contact all persons.  This was a safety measure and one I personally agreed with.  We did not and will not gather that information for us or to sell marketing, it is only available to the Ministry of Health.  But to everyone who helped the process, THANK YOU, we appreciated that you have all adapted as much as we had too.

This week has seen us operate different each day to keep up with the changes.  Being closed today will allow our managers to work on strategies to consider going forward, we have been trying to do this all week but the demanding change took priority.  Tomorrow the Executive Committee will be considering the rapid changes and what is in the best interest of the club.  This is when we can provide you with a fuller update from the club and restaurant.

To keep this short, my last message to you is to please care for those at home and keep in contact with your friends and family.  I have been messaging my son in Melbourne and he knows that the jokes I send him will get worse if he doesn’t call me soon.

The news from the world overnight are dramatic, and at the time of writing this we have not been updated of NZ changes.

Dorothy Paki

CEO Napier RSA