The Minister of Veterans Affairs

When addressing the delegates at the 2002 National Conference the Honourable Mark Burton stated quite clearly and I quote “As a point of clarification, full pension coverage means that veterans do not have to prove that a disability is the result of service – only that it may have been”.

Who may apply for a war disablement pension?

Every ex-Service Personnel including Merchant Seamen who have served overseas in a War or an Emergency have a right to apply for a Disablement Pension in accordance with the War Pension Act 1954. This includes Service and Home Service Personnel who during the 2nd World War served in New Zealand. Those Personnel who were conscripted into the CMT prior to 31st March 1974 are also included.

Napier RSA War Pensions Support Unit

MISSION STATEMENT: “We will always strive to provide a professional and caring service to all applicants who qualify for a War Disability Pension or a Surviving Spouses Pension in accordance with the War Pensions Act 1954.”

What we can and will do

We promise to do the following:

  • Be a good listener
  • Share information
  • Give advice where necessary
  • Give support
  • Assist you in making your application
  • Keep in contact
  • Ensure your privacy
  • Pursue your application to a conclusion
  • Respect your wishes
  • Assist you throughout the entire process

Veterans support – Napier RSA support adviser

This is a voluntary position which provides assistance to Veterans’ “with recognised war or emergency service”, their surviving spouse and families, in gaining their due entitlements for a War Disablement Pension (WDP), under the War Pensions Act 1954.

Service personnel with routine service in the armed forces in a non-war or emergency situation, with service prior to 1 April 1974, when accident compensation cover was introduced, are also covered under the War Pensions Act 1954.

The WDP is not compensation for an injury, it is a compensatory payment designed to counterbalance the impact of a disability on a Veteran’s quality of life that is attributable to, or aggravated by service. RSA Support Advisors require empathy and understanding with Veterans’ and families and maintain a very close liaison with Veterans’ Affairs New Zealand and other Government and public support agencies e.g. Age Concern, DHBs’, WINZ and Veterans Pensions Office to name a few.


The Napier RSA Support Advisor is available to Veteran’s or their families, normally on a Wednesday by appointment, but if there is a more urgent need to meet or gain information other arrangements can be made.

To make an appointment please contact Tony Fraser or John Purcell through the Napier RSA Reception Phone 06 835 7629

Napier RSA Welfare Trust and Napier Poppy Charitable Trusts and Trustees

“The Napier RSA Welfare Trust” and “The Napier RSA Poppy Charitable Trust” are in the process of being registered, a process that takes up to 20 weeks. Once registered separate bank accounts are activated.

Funds raised from donations on Poppy Day can only be paid into the Napier RSA Poppy Charitable Trust which serves to assist Veterans’ and their families “in need”. Applicants for financial assistance do not have to be a financial member of an RSA, but should be resident in the Napier area.

The Napier RSA Welfare Trust was established early in 2012 to cater for the wider Napier RSA financial membership, including our 2,500 plus Associate members. RSA members have responded generously in 2012 with over $3,000 donated to kick start this new Welfare Trust. Application forms for financial assistance from persons “in need” can be obtained from the Napier RSA Reception, RSA Support Advisor or RSA Support Committee.


Four Trustees have been appointed by the Napier RSA Executive Committee to manage these trusts:

John Purcell

John Purcell


Tony Fraser

Support Adviser