Presidents Message

RSA’ is an acronym for the Returned and Services Association of New Zealand. Although its place within the community is interpreted in many different ways the empathy of the Association within the community is such that very few New Zealanders, young or old have neither visited nor dined at an RSA at some time in their life.

The Royal New Zealand Returned and Services Association is one of the oldest welfare service organizations in the world and the Napier RSA, incorporated 4th December 1916 is now recognized as being the oldest trading RSA in New Zealand.

Under the auspices of the “Soldiers Club” the primary function was to offer an understanding haven for those soldiers returning from the First World War. As the winds of war fade into distant memory the bond of fellowship remains as strong today as it was over 97 years ago.

The Napier RSA is an establishment which respects tradition and its rich heritage whilst looking towards the future by providing state of the art facilities and the best possible atmosphere within the culture of the Club.

As part of our ongoing commitment as community service providers the Napier RSA regularly updates this website to provide our members, guests, and visitors with events and promotions within the Club for their enjoyment.

The Napier RSA provides a safe environment where people can be themselves, it offers live weekend entertainment, excellent dining facilities and a well stocked bar that provides a wide range of local and national beverages complimented with a host of sporting and entertainment facilities.

The relaxing friendly environment belies the core group of hard working professionals ensuring all users of this facility get the most out of the RSA during their time with us.

John Purcell

John Purcell