ANZAC 2020

We wish to invite everyone to view our Hawkes Bay ANZAC Presentation 2020.  We will be streaming this online with a 10-minute delay from the live recording.

The Hawkes Bay ANZAC presentation via

This will be streamed from 6.25 am local time on Saturday 25 April 2020
All of our RSA’s (Napier, Hastings, and Taradale) will be putting this link on our websites and Facebook pages.

In an ideal world, we would have provided a traditional ANZAC service for all of our community to participate, however, we are in Alert Level 4 on ANZAC day.  In this current state of Alert level, we have joined our local RSA’s – Hastings, Taradale, and Napier to provide an ANZAC presentation with our combined Hawkes Bay community and RSA’s.
In our planning and organizing the presentation we did try to connect this presentation to more accessible platforms like radio or TV, unfortunately, this has not produced a successful result due to the late notice and formatting requirements.  So we are only able to provide this in full content ONLINE ONLY.  Please note that the presentation will not be as well-oiled as our respective ANZAC services and in all honesty, we admit that our technological ability and devices are not as good as the professionals.   What we would like to acknowledge is that we are compelled to provide our community with our ANZAC broadcast in these unfamiliar times.  Please be assured that we have created this plan from the safety of our bubbles and that we are providing this presentation from our homes and bubbles.  We have all taken this lockdown seriously and appreciate the effort that our country has made to create a safer future for us all.
Please feel welcome to share the information and link around.

We will have our presentation available online:
This will be streamed from 6.25 am on Saturday 25 April 2020

The presentation will include:
Presidents of the Hawkes Bay RSA’s
Clubs Hastings:                      David Holmes
Taradale RSA:                        Brayden Coldicutt
Napier RSA:                           John Purcell
Hastings:                                 Sandra Hazelhurst
Napier:                                    Kirsten Wise
Reverend Warren Fortune – who will deliver Prayer of Remembrance and Benediction
Bugler for Last Post and Reveille:                   Gareth Hayward
New Zealand National Anthem:                      Amaia Watson and family
Laying of wreaths representing the People of New Zealand and the People of Australia
Video recording and streaming:                      Dunstalls and family