Napier RSA Executive Meeting 23 March 2020

Napier RSA Executive Committee Extra Meeting.

Monday 23rd March 2020, 10.30 am Committee Room

Attendees:     J Purcell (President), B Strong (Vice President), D Fraser (Patron), N Thompson,

A Lawton, C Tawhara, C Strong, D Paki (CE)

Apologies:     B Russell, K Lynch

Agenda:         Covid-19

Tabled:           Covid-19 Alert Level Document

RNZRSA announced ANZAC services canceled to the public.  All RNZRSA Tournaments canceled through to July


  • “The Napier RSA and Norfolk Lounge Restaurant will be closed while COVID-19 is in Alert Level 2 and above” – unanimous

Discussion about the costs and staffing situation.

The Napier RSA Executive Committee will meet again next week to re-assess the situation and action government announcements if needed.

Full Committee Meeting will be held next Monday at 10.30 am

President thanked everyone for attending and for input on this matter.

Meeting closed

Sunday 22 March update

The emptiness of town and the over full car park at the supermarket, the extremes changes in only a week for new Zealand are creating great uncertainty.  This morning I meet with a home care helper, who was a lovely kind and high spirited person.  I asked the question of how was the feel among visits.  Not to my surprise the reply was that some are ignoring the “Stay Home” call.  The visits are to people in need of assistance due to age, illness and disability.  Also today speaking to another person and asked them to keep safe including their elderly parent, again the reply was that they are probably at the supermarket getting the cat food.  Yesterday while manning the front door the response that the “Stay Home” wasn’t for them because they are fit and healthy or others a venue who had members say “age doesn’t matter, we don’t have the virus among us and we haven’t been exposed to it.”

So when do people take notice to such a call?

Why do we wait until it is in our house?

As a Business, employer and employee I want to keep it all safe.  This means, keeping the business safe enough to weather this, to keep our staff safe and ensuring they have future work, and as an employee we want to know that we have a safe balance that would keep home safe too.

The restrictions in place are to reduce the spread and help manage the health system.  To those who were shocked at the registration system or commented that other places were doing that.  We did exactly as required by Ministry of Health and we did it because if there is a case and it involves anyone entering our premise, then we have the information for the Health system to contact all persons.  This was a safety measure and one I personally agreed with.  We did not and will not gather that information for us or to sell marketing, it is only available to the Ministry of Health.  But to everyone who helped the process, THANK YOU, we appreciated that you have all adapted as much as we had too.

This week has seen us operate different each day to keep up with the changes.  Being closed today will allow our managers to work on strategies to consider going forward, we have been trying to do this all week but the demanding change took priority.  Tomorrow the Executive Committee will be considering the rapid changes and what is in the best interest of the club.  This is when we can provide you with a fuller update from the club and restaurant.

To keep this short, my last message to you is to please care for those at home and keep in contact with your friends and family.  I have been messaging my son in Melbourne and he knows that the jokes I send him will get worse if he doesn’t call me soon.

The news from the world overnight are dramatic, and at the time of writing this we have not been updated of NZ changes.

Dorothy Paki

CEO Napier RSA


Short Closure Sunday 22 March and Monday 23 March

The President and I have made the call to close the Club and Restaurant tomorrow (Sunday 22nd March) and Monday 23rd March.  This is due to the recent announcement as noted below.  The Executive Committee will meet Monday morning to reassess.

Today has been a whirl wind of information with more cases in NZ, now potentially being spread within the country, and to add to the local news, reports that the last cruise ship in Napier had confirmed cases.  The latest announcement of the COVID-19 alert system.  The alert system is a 4 level and we were on level one yesterday and today it has escalated to level two.  The link the below will lead you to full information on the alert system.

A major highlight of this new alert level is that “HIGH-RISK PEOPLE ADVISED TO REMAIN AT HOME (e.g. those over 70 or those with other existing medical conditions)”

This is a great concern for us as a large portion of our members, visitors and guests are considered HIGH-RISK due to age and medical conditions.  I understand that isolation and not coming out for social interaction is not what some of you support.  But this is no reason to not put your health or life at risk.

We have not made this decision lightly, but these are difficult times for everyone everywhere.

We want you all to be safe.


At times of uncertainty, there are too often people willing to take advantage of these situations for their own personal gain, at the expense of others. Many of us are genuinely trusting of others, and this is a good thing, but we also need to be aware of the dangers that are out there.
In light of the above, please be aware of these Covid-19 scams. The HBT IT Team are seeing many more of these daily, with a real legitimate look and feel to some of them. Some emails have even got the World Heal Organization logo and look like they are official communication!
Here are a couple of quick pointers to help you and all, to make sure you are doing your best to avoid being a victim of these scams.
1. Would you normally get emails from this person or organization. If not, then likely its a scam.
2. If you would get emails for this sender, does it read like normal eg: correct spelling, personal greetings, friendliness, direct and to the point.
3. Always double check the actual email address, especially when the email has anything to do with money, company, or personal information. It is extremely easy to send an email from the name of the CEO or Ministry of Health, for example, but its a lot harder to have their actual email address.
4. If there is a link to a website they are asking you to go to, and you aren’t sure how to see if its the correct website. Open up a web page, and go to their main homepage, and see if you can find the information there. If you’re unsure, Never use the link or URL from within the email itself.
Shared from our IT suppliers Hawkes Bay Technologies

This may impact family, friends or yourself

21 March noon announcement

This is the link to the news article announcing that persons over the age of 70 and people with a compromised immunity are advised to stay home.

Restricted to 100 maximum

Covid-19 Saturday 21 March

Today all Hospitality businesses have a better understanding of the new restrictions. As such we are now having to register every person who enters the building and manage our numbers on-site at all times. The 100 limit is per self-contained space, so the restaurant and the club are classed as 2 separate spaces. It does include our staff. This also means that all staff must register at the front door too.
We ask that you please be patient with our team and each other.

Communication Plans

21 March 2020

Dear members, staff and visitors,


I send this message in an attempt to provide constant updates for you as we are making changes each day.  At the moment we are struggling to get our communication to all members and have only been able to update those who call in, ring us or receive the blog.  This week has shown that we need to move quickly so for many people don’t know the changes we have had to make.

For most of you, I am confident that you have access to the internet including accessing our website and or facebook page.  Alternatively if you don’t have direct access, then the option of being in strong communication with friends or family who do.

I am wanting to create a line of communication that you can access daily.  From our end it is the internet.  We have our phones operating perfect and this is an option, but not as practical as you accessing our online news feeds.  Going forward through this pandemic I am asking you to access our updates on our Facebook #rsanapier or on the news feed on our website  For those who don’t have that access, we recommend to please stay in contact with those who do.  The news is ever changing and what we have in action one day can change throughout the day or overnight.

This will allow us to continue posting updates and stimulus in one effort.  Postal isn’t a viable or a quick option.  Coming to the club is becoming more restricted.  Daily emails are becoming overwhelming and we don’t want to overload your inbox.  So I am asking you to use the internet if you have it.  If you know of people who don’t have it, to please communicate the information on to them.  This will not only allow you to know what is going on, but also encourage us all to keep in contact with those who don’t have the means to interact outside of our homes.  Lastly, by publishing on these mediums it is your choice to check and if not daily, you will have a path of what has been happening.

My thoughts today is on how to provide you all with updates or touch base with information for members, staff and visitors.  With this in mind a thought of all updates and maybe posting videos on how to or quizzes if no new changes.  To provide a scheduled time daily is also on the cards, this will be 11.30am and again 7.00pm.  However given the varying time that announcements are made we will add them immediately.

This letter is to inform you how we will update you, and that strong line of communication is needed.  I need you to know that we want to communicate as fast as we can, and this is our plan to do it going forward.

Dorothy Paki


Napier RSA